Course Preamble

The Commonwealth Meridian is a web-based tool being used by several member countries to proactively manage their debt. Operational risk is a key risk in any Debt Management Office (DMO). Implementing sound internal user access and workflow controls in a DMO’s debt management system helps to reduce the risk of errors, policy breaches, and fraudulent behavior. The trainings will demonstrate how to use Commonwealth Meridian to record, manage and report all actions taken to reorganize a country’s debt, in a way that supports long-term debt sustainability.

Expected Training Outcomes.

On completion of the course, learners will be able to:

-Describe the scope, functionality, and key benefits of using Commonwealth Meridian.

-Log in to Commonwealth Meridian and understand how to navigate to modules and functions and use generic features to find records.

-Understand how users are setup in Commonwealth Meridian to reduce   operational risk.

-Understand how workflows can be configured in Commonwealth Meridian to manage operational risk.

-Use the dashboard and reports to assess operational risk.

-Understand what reporting tools are available in Commonwealth Meridian.

-Generate Standard Reports.

-Configure and generate aggregate reports using the Aggregate Report Wizard.