Macroeconomic Policy Analysis & Management; Concepts, Tools and Techniques

Macroeconomic Policy Analysis & Management; Concepts, Tools and Techniques Training.

This short course takes delegates through macroeconomics and applies them to real world
economic policy.

Training Outcomes:

  1. Understand how to evaluate macroeconomic conditions such as unemployment, inflation, and growth
  2. Understand how monetary policy and fiscal policy can be used to
    influence short-run macroeconomic conditions
  3. Understand media accounts of macroeconomic events.
  4. The course will cover a broad range of topics in macroeconomic policy.

Examples of issues to be discussed include the role of fiscal and monetary policies in
stabilizing the economy, the relationship between inflation and unemployment, the
role of government policy in promoting long-term economic growth, monetary
and fiscal policies in an open economy, European Monetary Union, deficits, and
stabilization and reform.

The course will be structured around the tools (models) of macroeconomics,
using primarily graphs, and occasionally equations. However, motivation for
these tools and examples of their use will always be taken from current and
recent real-world macroeconomics events and conditions.

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