Strategic Performance & Change Management Training

Organizations are continuously changing – those that do not plan for change and do not manage it strategically fall behind. It is almost certain that every employee in every organization will be affected by a change initiative and almost certain that every manager will be an active player in a change process at some time.

Change is everybody’s responsibility and knowing how to plan for and implement change is a critical skill for every modern manager.

This course is about identifying the need for change, assessing change options, planning for change and then implementing and managing change process through to successful outcomes.
Important subtopics we cover include: overcoming resistance to change; diagnosing organizational problems; being a change leader and equipping employees to work in changing environments.
The course includes some important theoretical frameworks for change but is mostly about practice. Case studies from leading organizations such as Xerox, IBM, and the BBC are examined to help students identify ‘real-life’ applications of the material covered. The course is case-study based.

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  • Shadrack kambel 21/06/2019 @ 7:15 am

    Am interested

    • Juliet wanjiku 25/06/2019 @ 8:45 am

      Dear Shadrack, kindly apply for your course of interest and we will share the details via email.

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