Advanced Accounting and Auditing for Public Sector Organisations.

Advanced Accounting and Auditing for Public Sector Organisations.

Advanced Accounting and Auditing for Public Sector Organisations

According to the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institution’s audit is defined as “Evaluation or examination of systems, operations, and activities of a specific entity, to ascertain they are executed or they function within the framework of certain budget, objectives, rules, and requirements.”


Learning Objectives
The main objective of this course is to give delegates a good understanding of public sector financial management. By
the end of the training delegates will have acquired the following skills;
 The financial planning cycles of government and other public sector organizations
 How to understand and interpret financial information Basic accounting concepts
 The elements of sound financial management in the public sector organization
 Resource allocation and costing
 Budgeting in organizations
 Budget reallocation and cuts
 Cash forecasting
 Management control
 Elements of financial accountability both within public sector organization and outward to the public
 Reporting
 Accountability
 Internal and external oversight
 Financial Management of Donor funded projects
Main Training Modules
Becoming a Financially Literate Manager in Government & other public sector Organizations.
 Financial Management in the Public Sector Context
 The public sector financial landscape
 The Financial Management Framework
 Financial literacy – personal and organizational
Accountability and Risk: Key Concepts in Framing Financial Management
 Nature of public sector accountabilities and views of risk: public versus private?
 Architecture of accountability in the financial management context
 Conceptual framework for risk
 Risk management – concept and process
 The concept of financial risk.
 Risk in operations and financial control

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