Budgeting and forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting

Course Overview

Executives are faced with ever-increasing challenges. Global competition, overcapacity, downsizing, and changing

business environments have placed enormous demands on managers, calling for greater management skills. Today’s

executives wear multiple hats and need multiple skills. Even highly innovative and creative managers with excellent

people skills must report and understand financial terms and concepts.


This course will provide the delegates with a basic understanding of how to prepare a financial plan or

budgeted financial statements. It will cover best practices in budgeting and the problems associated with

budgeting and how to solve them. It will also enhance your ability to prepare, interpret and use financial

information in your managerial decision-making. It has been designed to transform the non-financial and

finance manager into a more effective team member who can propose, analyze and evaluate financially;

planning and forecasting decisions. It does so by providing a fundamental understanding of the content,

concepts, software models and terminology of financial planning and forecasting. These are reinforced with

multiple questions and answers, discussions, group breakout sessions; excel template presentations, videos

, and exercises.

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