Computerized Management of Institutional records training.

Computerized Management of Institutional records training.

Records Management Training/Course

This training in records management is aimed at equipping your staff with vital skills in records management. Records management is the systematic control of an organization’s records, throughout their life cycle, in order to meet operational business needs, statutory and fiscal requirements.

General Training Objectives.
Employees by their nature of work are involved in the management of records. Whether for their departments or
for their projects, this is a critical task that requires staffs to be well equipped with basic knowledge and
skills on how to organize, classify, store and secure these records to achieve desired efficiency, effectiveness
and economy. This course aims at equipping with essential skills in effective records, archiving and
information management. Participants will also benefit from learning the new trends and software’s in
knowledge management.
Specific Training Objectives.
 Distinguish between records and non-records documents
 Understand the benefit of keeping records and archives
 Design and implement a simple office records management system that works for their organization
 Develop a records classification system for their offices
 Identify suitable records storage equipment
 Design a working file plan for electronic records
 Know what record to keep and for how long in their respective offices
 Embed records and information management ethics

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Records Management training

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