Conquering the Fear of Speaking in Public.

Conquering the Fear of Speaking in Public.

Conquering the Fear of Speaking in Public Course.

This course enables participants master techniques that help in conquering the fear of public speaking.

Course Preamble.
The Fear of Public Speaking is real. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced speaker. Whether you have done
it once or a hundred times. While the fear and anxiety never goes away, it is possible to manage the fear and reduce
how long it impacts your speech.
The fear can manifest itself before getting onstage, while on stage and even during the speech. So, what you need is
a variety of different techniques to handle the fear at different points in the speaking experience. Techniques that
will come in handy at the right times. Techniques that are simple and practical.
With conscious and constant practice, it is possible to overcome the fear of public speaking. It is possible to go from
a mediocre speaker to an awesome speaker in a short amount of time. Like anything else, focused practice is at the
heart of success.

Main Training Modules
Introduction and Tips to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
The fear of speaking in public is real. It affects the novice and the experienced speaker alike. However, by
consciously adopting and practicing the tips in this module, it is possible to pave the way to overcome the fear.
With time, patience and constant practice it is possible to effectively manage the fear.

Understanding Your Fear of Public Speaking
 Overcoming speech anxiety will change your life
 Causes of speaking fear
 Matching fear reduction techniques to your situation

Transforming Negative Thinking Into Confidence
 Eliminating worst-case thinking
 Developing positive coping statements
 Directing your thinking into productive channels

Breathing Techniques for Relaxation and Control
 Progressive relaxation
 The Virtual Vacation
 Diaphragmatic breathing

Using Body Language in Public Speaking
 Grounding for stability and confidence
 Entering your performance space and greeting audiences
 Gestures: Suiting the action to the word
 Checklists for body language and use of space

Focus, Relaxation, and Mindfulness
 Focused relaxation
 Exercises for mindfulness
 10 ways to stay fully focused and present while speaking

Using Positive Visualization
 The Actor’s Box exercise
 The Spotlight Techniques
 Writing your fears away
 Your Command Performance Movie

Reducing Nervousness While Speaking
 The Two Universes exercise
 Getting comfortable with your own body
 6 More Ways to Reduce Nervousness

Biofeedback for Physical Symptoms
 Calming the Heart
 Closing the Stress Gate
 The Healing Breath
 Strategies for Panic Attacks

Conversation as a Technique to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
Giving a speech is very similar to having a conversation. This module will tell you how you can converse with
the audience and through that manage your fear of public speaking.

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