Hostile Environment Awareness Training-(HEAT) Training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training-(HEAT) Training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training-(HEAT) Training


The nature of civilian crisis interventions often requires staff to operate in unstable and insecure environments. Even though an armed conflict may have not yet occurred or hostilities have ceased, there may be periods of unrest caused by uncontrolled elements making use of the current unstable situation in the host country or the settlement of the conflict. In many countries, risks for the personal safety of mission members may also include organized crime, theft, assault, and hostage-taking. Therefore, certain patterns of security awareness and behavior must be part of the toolbox of each project staff.

The assurance of the safety and security of their personnel is the single most important duty of care of organizations and governments sending their staff to hazardous or hostile areas. Additionally, appropriate security measures will – by reducing known risks to an operationally acceptable level – enable fulfilling mission objectives and therefore contribute to them. Hostile environment awareness training is crucial for anyone working in risk-associated, insecure or hostile environments. Accordingly, the training endeavors to provide comprehensive coverage of the relevant issues in this area and is designed to put participants in stressful situations, preparing them for worst-case scenarios. Essential classroom theory is complemented by simulations of real-life situations.


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  • Aisha Dauda 08/09/2019 @ 7:26 pm

    I will like to participate in this Course in order to broaden my knowledge

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