Project Design,Effective Proposal Writing and Fund-raising Management.

Project Design,Effective Proposal Writing and Fund-raising Management.

Project Design, Effective Proposal Writing, and Fund-raising Management Training.

Project management has become an organizational-wide core competency, nearly every project implementation
staff/Team (PIT) regardless of discipline is involved in managing one or more projects. This training is designed
to provide project staffs with knowledge and skills that cut across all types of projects.
The key to a successful project is in the planning and management: being clear on the objectives, deciding how
to work together as a team, thinking through how to approach the scope, setting up a schedule and budget,
understanding clearly what will make the deliverable acceptable to the client of the project. The easiest way to
plan a project is to have those who will execute the work help with the planning. This has the added benefit that
the team is ready to hit the ground running during execution.
This training involves you in a project leadership model that you can take back to your workplace and apply
immediately. The course addresses all phases of a project: initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and
Course Objectives.
Program Managers and officers attending the training will get hands-on skills in the following areas;
 Principles of modern Project Management
 Project Initiation & Design
 Relationships Among project management
 Project planning Tools
 Project Leadership
 Project Risk management
 Project integration management
 Project scope management
 Project quality management
 Project Monitoring and Evaluation
 Developing project M&E systems
 Environmental Impact Assessment & Analysis
 Project financing and Finance management
 Project Evaluation
 Project proposal writing
 Project performance Reporting
 Project closure
 Project Fundraising
 Project management Consultancy
 Computer Applications in project management
 Who should Attend?
 The course is recommended for the following;
 Departmental heads
 Project or Departmental managers
 Project officers
 Staffs involved in making informed decision
 Anyone involved in development projects
 Anyone who aspires to be a good manager

Key Training Outcomes
The training is expected to help delegates understand the need for projects in development, appreciate the
phases in project management, develop a practical project idea and write a comprehensive project proposal. It
will also equip participants to come up with possible project funding sources, liaise with stakeholders in the project
idea initiation and develop fundraising initiatives.

Project Design training

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