Protocol Procedures and Diplomatic Etiquette.

Protocol Procedures and Diplomatic Etiquette.

Course Preamble.
An administrator/executive assistant is responsible for providing financial services, budget preparation,
procurement, travel arrangements, property control, and general administration. They offer services, advice
and guidance to the programs, sections, and offices within the Institute as an endeavor to ensure sound and
efficient financial management of resources and funds, in accordance with institutional financial rules and
regulations, established policies and procedures, and specific donor requirements.
This training is therefore designed to help the administration staff in the institution to build and project
confidence, keep conversations focused and productive, exhibit knowledge and credibility and exert influence
in everyday interactions.
Participants will be able to create a powerful alliance with superiors and enhance a professional profile within
the organization. Discussions will also examine the essential relationship-building skills will help in the
development of workable strategies and establish one’s authority and get ideas noticed. Another focus will be
the impartation of skills that are needed to make a difference and grow in one’s career and in the organization.
To excel in this rapidly changing work environment, one needs more skills than ever before – like
understanding the organization’s business, managing change, communicating strategically, leading, working
in teams and juggling new assignments with current responsibilities.

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