Total Reward Management (Compensation & Reward)

Total Reward Management (Compensation & Reward)

Total Reward Management (Compensation & Reward)

Reward management consists of analysing and controlling employee remunerationcompensation and all of the other benefits for the employees.

Course Preamble
Knowing what is required for an effective total rewards strategy will set you apart as a human resource professional.
In this course, you will learn how to design and implement a total rewards program that meets your organization’s
specific needs and includes an ideal mix of rewards across the six rewards elements:
ü Compensation
ü Benefits
ü Work-Life Effectiveness
ü Recognition
ü Performance Management
ü Talent Development
Designed for new HR professionals, HR generalists and line managers, this course will empower you with the basic
skills and knowledge to create a successful total rewards strategy for your organization. While developed to be an
introduction to the total rewards system, the content goes beyond the basics to cover more advanced topics such as
aligning total rewards with your organization’s culture, HR goals and business strategy.

Training Outcomes
Upon completing this course, you will know what drives a successful HR rewards programs through understanding
key aspects of total rewards, including:
• Introduction to Total Rewards
Learn about the evolution of HR rewards; the total rewards model, strategy and approach; and drivers and elements
of total rewards strategy.
• Compensation
Discover the factors influencing compensation. Learn about base pay structure and design as well as differential pay
and variable pay.
• Benefits
Learn what influences benefits and about income protection for benefits and pay for time not worked programs.

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