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Health, Safety & Environmental Management (HSEM)

This course takes delegates through workplace occupational health and safety. Delegates will learn safe work practices in offices, industry and construction as well as how to identify and prevent or correct problems associated with occupational safety and health in these locations as well as in the home. The course is designed to assist the delegates with the implementation of safe healthy practices at work and at home.

Course CodeCourseImage Enroll
HSEM1Community Health Project Planning & Management
HSEM2Community Health Promotion
HSEM3Community Management for Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation
HSEM4Dietary Management and Treatment of HIV/AIDS
HSEM5Climate Change Adaptation & Sustainable Development
HSEM6Climate Change and Climate Risk Management
HSEM7Ecosystem Based Adaptation& Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
HSEM8Environmental Impact Assessment for Sustainable Development
HSEM9Health Administration and Management
HSEM10Management of Environment and Social Safeguards in Projects
HSEM11Disaster and Trauma Counselling Management
HSEM13Disaster Preparedness and Management
HSEM14Community Health & Development
HSEM15Occupational Health and Safety Training
HSEM16HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, Counselling & Support
HSEM17Health Systems Strengthening
HSEM18Disease Control Strategies & Policies
HSEM19Nutrition in Disease Prevention
HSEM20Financing Healthcare
HSEM21Forest Landscape Management and Forest Governance
HSEM22Climate Change and Reducing Emission from Deforestation & Forest Degradation
HSEM23Monitoring & Evaluation of Health projects
HSEM24Integrated HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment
HSEM25Health Records Management
HSEM26Logistic Management for Drugs & Commodities
HSEM27Management in Community Development Programs
HSEM28Fundraising and Resource Mobilization for Health Projects
HSEM29Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
HSEM30Gender & Transformative Masculinities
HSEM31Management of HIV/AIDS at the Workplace
HSEM32Nutrition and HIV Management
HSEM33Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
HSEM34Gender Based Violence Programming
HSEM35Gender and Resettlement
HSEM36Community Resilience and Disaster Recovery Operations
HSEM37Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)Promotion Programming
HSEM38Global Regulatory Frameworks for Medicinal Cannabis
HSEM39Geriatric nutrition and Health Management
HSEM40Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit (EIAA)
HSEM41Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Audit
HSEM42Disaster and Trauma Counselling Management
HSEM43Research Methods-Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis
HSEM44Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)
HSEM45Workplace Safety & Occupational Health
HSEM46Health and Safety Management in Construction Projects
HSEM47Building /Developing Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure
HSEM48Ecosystem Based Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Project Completion Techniques
HSEM49Climate Smart Agriculture Project Proposal Development & Management
HSEM50Climate Resilient WASH Programming
HSEM51Climate Smart Project Planning
HSEM52Environment resilience & Climate Change
HSEM53Managing Climate Change Projects in Developing Countries
HSEM54Sustainable Infrastructure Project
HSEM55Sustainable finance and Environmental Sustainability
HSEM56Carbon Market
HSEM57Project management/Climate Friendly Investment for WB Funded Projects
HSEM58Climate and livelihood resilient community best practices
HSEM59Green Growth and Circular Economy
HSEM60Gender Mainstreaming in Environment and climate change projects
HSEM61Flood Management best practices
HSEM62Inspection & Sampling Techniques
HSEM63Technical Cereal & Pulses Grains Grading
HSEM64Waste Management & Disposal Training for Laboratory Personnel
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