Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management Training

Course Overview

This course will cover the principles of procurement management, which is acquiring products and services needed for the project from outside the project team. The Procurement Management processes from the PMBOK® Guide will be reviewed including inputs, key tools and techniques, and outputs. Typical procurement activities will be described from the make-or-buy decision to contract award to contract closure.

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Advanced Financial Management, Grants Management & Auditing for Donor Funded Projects Training

Why is financial management so important for NGO?

Most NGO do not consider financial management a priority for themselves. This makes the less attractive for Donor Funds and Grants. Therefore, it is often the case that many of them entirely lack systems of financial planning and monitoring, which has a very adverse impact on their viability.

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Application of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Projects Training

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become key in project management; with 80% of all data having a spatial element. GIS and GPS are rapidly evolving to become standard tools, influencing decision making in various sectors and in project management. There is however a severe shortage of persons who are trained to use these techniques in various projects.

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