Advanced Financial Management, Grants & Auditing for Donor Funded Projects. April 15-19, April 15-26.

Advanced Financial Management, Grants & Auditing for Donor Funded Projects.

Course Preamble.

Why is financial management so important for NGO?

Most NGO do not consider financial management a priority for themselves. Therefore, it is often the case that many of them entirely lack systems of financial planning and monitoring, which has a very adverse impact on their viability. To achieve sustainable development in the tough actuality of today NGO managers should develop understanding and confidence that are necessary to use funds effectively.

The sharing of best practice in financial management will:

  • Help managers use resources efficiently and effectively;

  • Improve NGO reporting to fiscal authorities and donors;

  • Help earn partners and beneficiaries’ respect and trust;

  • Help NGO better compete for resources that are becoming increasingly limited;
  • Help NGO attain financial sustainability in the longer term.

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