Project Leadership and Governance.May 6-10 May 6-17.

Project Leadership and Governance.

The training on Project Leadership is suitable for any Project implementation staffs who want to enhance their project management skills in order to lead complex strategic projects at an organizational level. An innovative, challenging program, the training develops strategic thinking and questions the traditional concepts of leadership, management, governance, risk and sustainability.

“Project management has become a pervasive discipline across all sectors, from construction and engineering to finance, health, government and many others. As projects grow in size and complexity, organizations are becoming more reliant on skilled project leaders to plan, implement and deliver critical projects and systems.”

This program will challenge your understanding of project management and leadership with its ground breaking approach to innovation and critical complex thinking. It will help you further develop your career in project management.

Our Unique Approach

Our innovative „complex systems‟ approach to project management and leadership is reflected in our program. We examine the key interdependencies operating in today‟s complex project management and leadership frameworks, and engage with these dynamics to develop proactive and effective planning, management and leadership strategies.

Our innovative approach to managing and leading projects includes all the traditional elements of this discipline as well as an additional focus on the key interdependencies that operate in today‟s complex project management and leadership framewor

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