Customer Care, Communication & Public Relations.May 6-10 May 6-17.

Customer Care, Communication & Public Relations.

First impressions last, and the project staff are vital members of the corporate team. Their level of  performance is invaluable to the overall success of an  organization. Covering all aspects of  the role, from answering the telephone to dealing with visitors, this customer care and communication skills is suitable for any corporate staff. A  small  investment  in  our  training  “Customer  Care  and  Communication  Skills”  will  deliver  huge dividends in every day dealing with your project staff, visitors, in person or by phone.

Who should attend?

The goal of the Customer Care and Communication Skills training course is to develop organizational staff into high  level  company  representatives.  The  course  teaches  delegates  the  different  forms  of  communication, telephone etiquette, answering techniques, professional customer service and how to handle difficult  customers and project staff. The course target audience is the;

  Call centre managers/Officers


                      Administration staff 

  Personal assistants    

  Project staff  



  Call centre managers/Officers


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