Administrative Governance, Public Policy & Management for the Public Sector.May 13-17.

Administrative Governance, Public Policy & Management for the Public Sector.

Course Preamble.

This course translates management theory into effective management practice by examining what managers do and how they do it. The course presents theories of management applicable to the public and private sectors and then reconciles these theories with current practice.

If you’re among the many people who are intimidated by the word “theory,” it might be helpful to know that the aim of this course is simply to give you some tools with which to identify, contemplate, and solve managerial problems. Your tool kit will be full when you finish this course to help you understand some of the things that are happening in your organization and why. These tools will also enable you to give an organization a “tune-up” or carry out some of the more common managerial “repairs.”

Main Course Modules

Orientation to Public Administration                                                                                            

The course provides awareness of public and nonprofit career options and professions; exposure to public service champions and the history of public service education; and introduces the unique roles of public service in a democratic society. This course will be hands-on and interactive.

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