Debt Restructuring and Risk Management. May 13-17.

Debt Restructuring and Risk Management.

Course Overview
This course will focus on variety of risks faced by financial managers and the tools available for managing these risks.
Particularly, we shall focus on credit risk, interest rate and liquidity risks, market risk, foreign exchange risk, and
country risk. We shall learn about the tools and techniques available for managing these risks such as future contracts,
option contracts, swaps, value-at-risk (VaR) and other standard risk-hedging techniques, and methods of measuring
The course will also include understanding insurance as a risk financing technique, insurance plan design,
forecasting accidental losses and risk financing needs, self-insurance plans, retrospective rating plans, reinsurance
and its importance to risk financing plan captive insurance plans, finite and integrated risk insurance plans, capital
market risk financing plans, noninsurance contractual transfer of risk, and purchasing insurance and other risk
financing services.

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