Data Management and Analysis using Stata and SPSS. Feb 25th

Upon successful completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the relevance of reliable data collection process in Research and informed decision making
  • Use relevant computer packages for data management and extrapolation
  • To introduce the concepts of monitoring and evaluation and the value of implanting it in programs/projects
  • To focus participant’s attention on monitoring and evaluation study designs
  • M&E Data Management and Analysis
  • Appreciate GIS software, data capture methods, analysis, data importation and mapping indicators using GIS Techniques)
  • Get hands on skills on SPSS & STATA
  • Conduct project Evaluations

Who Should Attend?

The course is recommended for the following;

  • Departmental heads
  • Data manager
  • Research students
  • Project or Departmental managers
  • Project officers
  • Staffs involved in making informed decision
  • Anyone involved in development project
  • Anyone who aspires to be a good manager
  • Researchers & M&E officers.
  • Embrace use of data in informed decision making.

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