Advanced Financial Management & Risk Management. August 12-16, August 12-23

The main objective of this course is to give delegates a good understanding of public sector financial management. By the end of the training delegates will have acquired the following skills;

  • The financial planning cycles of government and other public sector organizations
  • How to understand and interpret financial information Basic accounting concepts
  • The elements of sound financial management in public sector organization
  • Resource allocation and costing
  • Budgeting in organizations
  • Budget reallocation and cuts
  • Cash forecasting
  • Management control
  • Elements of financial accountability both within public sector organization and outward to the public
  • Reporting
  • Accountability
  • Internal and external oversight
  • Financial Management of Donor funded projects

Main Training Modules

 Becoming a Financially Literate Manager in Government & other public sector Organizations.

  • Financial Management in the Public Sector Context
  • The public sector financial landscape
  • The Financial Management Framework
  • Financial literacy – personal and organizational

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