Finance and financial Management. August 12-16, August 12-23

This interactive workshop will equip delegates with skills to develop core quality system auditing skills. Participants will learn how to: plan, conduct and report on internal audits providing meaningful feedback on the strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities in their organization. The delegates will also learn how ensure ongoing quality system compliance and effectiveness.

 Broad Course  Objective.

To internalize how to create and use progressive system and data centric audit tools and techniques for performing continuous auditing that will enable your organization to be in full compliance with the requirements, policy and procedures.

Learning outcomes

Delegates should be able to;

✓Plan and prepare for an internal quality audit

✓Develop a practical checklist to provide guidance during the audit

✓Use effective questioning techniques

✓Explain the basic concepts of auditing

✓Describe audit procedures

✓Describe audit reports

✓Use computers in auditing

✓Develop an internal audit report and present audit findings in a constructive manner

✓Determine the roles and responsibilities of an internal quality auditor

✓Aligning the Audit Function with the operation/business

✓Defining Data Mining/ Continuous Auditing

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