Implementation of Effective Risk Management & Corporate Governance.August 12-16, August 12-23

This course provides risk management methodologies and tools. It looks at why you need to manage risk, identification
and management of risks, as well as current issues. It covers the impetus behind risk management and the related
corporate governance. It explains the relationship between corporate governance, internal control and risk management.
It deals with different stages within the overall risk management process. It examines internal and external influences
separately. The course also looks at Corporate Governance; covering basic principles, importance and benefits of modern
corporate governance to global, regional and local initiatives and reform. It also discusses regulatory updates, best
practices, and emerging risks and trends in corporate governance. Board committees focusing on risk, audit committee
and corporate governance with its respective charters, current issues and best practices are also presented.
Training Modules
Risk Management
ü Risk management function
ü Risk appetite setting, monitoring and escalation
ü Running a risk workshop – survey, brainstorming session, voting software. Making it effective, active and timely
ü Identifying your key risks, measuring, ranking, monitoring and actions
ü Risk register and documentation
ü Types of risks:
ü Types of emerging key risks – e.g. cyber security, change management (process execution, upstream),
information security, outsourcing & contract management, IT stability and resilience.

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