International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).August 12-16, August 12-23

Why attend this course?
ü Gain leverage by adopting IFRS developing an action plan for easier and better foreign Financial
statement management. Keeping up to date with IFRS developments
ü Understanding of how IFRS applies to companies
ü Gain insight to the new rules of IFRS and obtaining an understanding of the changes of IFRS Since its
review in 2005
ü Key implementation techniques and approaches to practical application of IFRS
ü Recognition and measurement of financial instruments so as to prioritize and identify key Issues within
ü Companies with foreign/international operations will achieve internal consistency and Uniformity
(financial statement reports) by adapting IFRS.
Who should attend?
ü Auditors
ü Chief financial officers
ü Financial statement bookkeepers
ü Accountants & Chartered accountants
ü Financial managers, financial accountants & Contract accountants
ü Leasing administrators
ü Industrial asset managers & asset managers
ü Acquisition and merging companies
ü Fund managers
ü Financial services providers
ü Companies or organizations with IFRS background knowledge or IFRS compliant
ü Preparers and users of financial statements

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