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Dear ASPM Team,

Let me thank you first for your kind support and generous part. You took the common courtesy to an uncommon level. I’m so grateful for your hospitality.
My hand is writing this message because the bottom of my heart cannot hold a pen. I am very much grateful, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you a million times over for your hospitality. You deserve so much more than just a thank you. It means so much to me, Please accept my sincere thanks!
You spoiled me rotten! The delicious food. The comfy bed. The company. The fun. Thanks for everything!
Driver Joseph & immaculate You gave me a lot of reason to be thankful to you.<
I have no idea and no word which can express my thankfulness and the feelings of my heart. You went above and beyond, and I am touched and grateful.
Date of Posting: 12 November 2018
Posted By: Roda Johnson- Cordaid South Sudan
I attended training on Logistic,Procurement and supply chain management on 04-08/12/2017. It was an excellent. I attained more than my expectations and intensive experience, The knowledge i gained will further intensively expand my skills and my performance, never ever to imitate the work of the other, reveal the source of your mind, let your glucose reign into the community for the seeks of their future,i kindly requested ASPM not to neglected the from darkness to be light up by your work, Thanks ASPM for their tireless to build a capacity of an expected people,!!!!
Chan Bath Pektek Chang,Supply Assistant with United nation mission in South Sudan,Bentiu-Unity-State
Date of Posting: 05 January 2018
Posted By: Chan Bath Pektek Chang
At Africa School of Project Management, one comes out with a complete new mind-set, a full professional. The trainers/ tutors are excellent, the institute is true to its motto "Capacity Building Across Africa". It is a centre of professional touch. It is very necessary that organizations especially NGO, Multilateral and Bilateral agencies get opportunity to send their staff to ASPM for better performance and out put.
Date of Posting: 07 November 2017
Posted By: Ato Lydia Beatrice- MOH South Sudan- WorldBank
I attended training on Grants Management, Project Design and Proposal Writing in July/August 2017. It was excellent. I attained more than my expectations. The knowledge gained will further my skills and performance. Thanks ASPM.
Leah Nawegulo Omongo. African Field Epidemiology Network-Uganda
Date of Posting: 07 August 2017
Posted By: Leah Nawegulo Omongo
I attended a training course in project management result base monitoring and evaluation & formation of fundraising proposals on the date 17--28 July 2017.It was very interesting, and i gained a lot of knowledge which i did not have before. With these skills , am confident that i can help my institution.Go ahead ASPM in giving capacity building in Africa.
Senior Statistician National Bureau of Statistics.
South Sudan. Juba.

Date of posting 29 July 2017
Date of Posting: 30 July 2017
"Excellent set of trainers, practical sessions, well structured presentations, and with unique and enthusiastic group of learners made sharing of knowledge and skills as well as work place experiences superb"

Great work ASPM.

Asante sana

David K
Trademark East Africa South Sudn
Date of Posting: 13 June 2017
Posted By: David Kenyi- Trademark East Africa South Sudan
Great training with infomed and experienced consultants. My time here was worth it.

Keep on guys .

Thank you ASPM

Date of Posting: 08 June 2017
Posted By: Isaac Maloba-Kampala capital city Authority
My training with ASPM was on Advanced Financial Management, Grants Management & Auditing for Donor Funded Projects. I must say that it was a great time with the professionals as the course was so robust to address my issues and even opened me up to better knowledge and application of excel which has made life very easy for me at work. I will to ASPM, Keep up the good work in capacity building!

- Shadrack Anigbo, Nigeria.
Date of Posting: 08 June 2017
Posted By: Shadrack Anigbo PIND Foundation Nigeria
Very knowledgeable, well-equipped professional staff and trainers. I will recommend ASPM to my corporation and my other connections.
Date of Posting: 08 June 2017
Posted By: Chiengkuach Mabil Majok-NILEPET South Sudan
I do appreciate the A.S.P.M for accepting to training us in PR, and I recommend them to train our staff in all the field that National Bureau of Statistics need as a capacity build to her staff.
Date of Posting: 25 May 2017
Posted By: Jacob Biar Deng Duur South Sudan Bureau of statist

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