Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation and Formulation of Fundraising Proposals

Project staffs are expected to bring together resources, skills, technology and ideas to deliver successful and sustainable project. Good project managers ensure that these benefits and objectives are delivered to an appropriate level of quality and within the constraints of time and cost, while at the same time managing the risk inherent in change and innovation.

Training Dates: March 11-15, March 11-22.,

Human Resource & Organizational Management

Training Dates: March 11-15, March 11-22.

Training location: Nairobi

This course takes delegates through human resource development (HRD), a field of study and practice that an organization can draw upon for improving its effectiveness at an individual level, group and process level and organizational systems level. This course also covers organization development (OD), a process designed to improve the effectiveness of an organization by incorporating individual, group and system level requirements. HRD and OD consider how the wider contextual environment impacts on the organization’s need to manage change effectively. Combining the foundational theoretical disciplines and practical hands on skills, the course focuses on learning interventions for improving the performance and effectiveness of organizations.

Gender & Disability Analysis & Mainstreaming Analysis

Training Dates: March 25-29

Training location: Nairobi

                       Broad Training objectives.

  • To provide the delegates with targeted information enabling him/her to train representatives of Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) as experts in mainstreaming gender and disability.
  • To increase the knowledge and capacities of the trained gender and disability representatives to become competent change agents within their organizations, government ministries and departments.
  • Generate thrust for a holistic, integrated and highly interactive training that builds a core set of knowledge, skills and attitudes among potential change agents, and in the process, fulfill the obligations of the projects and organizations of gender and disability mainstreaming.

Data Analysis & Management

Training Dates: May 6-10, May 6-17.

Training location: Nairobi

Upon successful completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the relevance of reliable data collection process in Research and informed decision making
  • Use relevant computer packages for data management and extrapolation
  • To introduce the concepts of monitoring and evaluation and the value of implanting it in programs/projects
  • To focus participant’s attention on monitoring and evaluation study designs
  • M&E Data Management and Analysis
  • Appreciate GIS software, data capture methods, analysis, data importation and mapping indicators using GIS Techniques)
  • Get hands on skills on SPSS & STATA
  • Conduct project Evaluations

Other upcoming courses in March include:

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  • Occupational Health & Safety…. March 11-15 March 11-22.
  • Health Safety & Environmental Management…March 11-15 March 11-22.
  • Management of HIV/AIDS at workplace…. March 11-15 March 11-22.
  • Fundraising, Proposal Writing and Resource Mobilization …March11-15, March 11-22.
  • Geographical Information Systems & Remote sensing…. March 18-22
  • Disaster Mitigation, Management & Emergency Operation… March 25-29
  • Climate change Adaptation & Sustainable Development …March 25-29
  • Ecosystem Based Adaptation & Disaster Risk Reduction …March 25-29