Private Public Partnerships (PPP) for Development Projects Course.

Date: Dec 5th-16th

Course Preamble.

Governments and development partners around the world now understand that public-private partnerships (PPPs) can be an important option to help meet infrastructure and basic service needs while contributing to a reduction in poverty.  By bundling construction and service delivery, PPPs offer the possibility of improved accountability, greater innovation, and long-term efficiencies.  However, to get the hoped-for benefits of PPPs, public sector officials and managers need to develop and maintain skills and capacities to identify, assess, and procure PPPs – and, once the project is up and running, to manage the contract and regulatory requirements.

Multilateral development partners and other institutions have long recognized this need. That’s why, several years ago, we began thinking about how to enhance professionalism among PPP practitioners around the world.  We brainstormed on ways that a certification program created with direct input from our experts could transform emerging markets and developing economies by raising the quality of all PPPs. This training is geared towards enhancing the skills of PPPs players by endeavoring to impart hands-on skills.