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Project Management, Result Based Monitoring & Evaluation

Project management has become an organizational –wide core competency, nearly every project implementation staff/Team (PIT) regardless of discipline is involved in managing one or more projects. This training is designed to provide project staffs with knowledge and skills that cut across all types of projects.

The key to a successful project is in the planning and management: being clear on the objectives, deciding how to work together as a team, thinking through how to approach the scope, setting up a schedule and budget, understanding clearly what will make the deliverable acceptable to the client of the project. The easiest way to plan a project is to have those who will execute the work help with the planning. This has the added benefit that the team is ready to hit the ground running during execution.

This training involves you in a project leadership model that you can take back to your workplace and apply immediately. The course addresses all phases of a project: initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

Course CodeCourse Name Enrol
PM1Project Management Professionals (PMP)Course Details
PM2Aid Coordination Management Information Systems (ACMIS)Course Details
PM3Participatory Project Planning and ManagementCourse Details
PM4Private Public Partnerships for Development ProjectsCourse Details
PM5Project Design Planning and ManagementCourse Details
PM6Project Leadership & Governance TrainingCourse Details
PM7Project Design, Proposal Writing Fund RaisingCourse Details
PM8Project Management & Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation of Development ProjectsCourse Details
PM9Development Project Planning and ManagementCourse Details
PM10Developing Monitoring & Evaluation SystemsCourse Details
PM11Project Management Skills for Non-Project ManagersCourse Details
PM12Project Planning and Management for NGOsCourse Details
PM13Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation of Development ProjectsCourse Details
PM14Information System-M/S Project SoftwareCourse Details
PM15Project Risk Analysis, Management & ComplianceCourse Details
PM16Application of M&E Frameworks in Project ManagementCourse Details
PM17Managing Projects with Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)Course Details
PM18Computerized M&E SystemsCourse Details
PM19Application of M&E Framework in Project ManagementCourse Details
PM20Planning and Engaging in M&E ConsultancyCourse Details
PM21Monitoring and Evaluation of ProjectsCourse Details
PM22Monitoring and Evaluation of Community and Development ProjectsCourse Details
PM23Project Management for PAs, Secretaries and Administrators.Course Details
PM24Prince 2Course Details
PM25Geographical Information Systems & Remote SensingCourse Details
PM26Hostile Environment Awareness Training for Humanitarian OrganizationsCourse Details
PM27Leadership and Management in Community Development ProgramsCourse Details
PM28Effective Management of Donor funded projectsCourse Details
PM29Fundraising, Proposal Writing and Resource MobilizationCourse Details
PM30Effective Project Planning and SchedulingCourse Details
PM31Mastering Project Management for ContractorsCourse Details
PM32Project Management and Negotiation skillsCourse Details
PM33Project Performance Evaluation & ManagementCourse Details
PM34Sustainable Development Projects in Rural CommunitiesCourse Details
PM35Ecosystem Based Adaptation & Disaster Risk ReductionCourse Details
PM36Disaster Mitigation, Management & Emergency OperationCourse Details
PM37Project Design & Resource Mobilization for Climate Change & REDD+Course Details
PM42Green/Sustainable procedures for ProjectsCourse Details
PM43Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Project ImplementationCourse Details
PM44Feasibility Studies: Preparations, Analysis & EvaluationCourse Details
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