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Banking Sector, Microfinance & Enterprise Development (BMED)

Banking Sector, Microfinance & Enterprise Development (BMED)  Course

The below courses are designed to equip the delegates with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them better perform
duties in the banking and financial sector.

A risk-based or risk-focused supervisory regime directs supervisory attention towards those banks, and towards those activity areas within individual banks, that generate the highest risk of failure and potentially costly government intervention. Using the Basel Committee Core Principles of Effective Banking Supervision as an organizational tool, this interactive course offers a sweeping review of the primary risks faced by banks – solvency, credit, market, operational, liquidity, compliance, reputation, strategic, and misconduct – and shows how a preliminary identification and assessment of risks can be made using data generated from regulatory reports. Working in groups with actual bank data, participants will utilize level, trend, and peer group analysis to gain a deep understanding of the risk profile, condition, and performance of sample banks, and will develop findings and conclusions that can be tested on-site.

Course codeCourseImageEnroll
BMED1Data Analysis for Research, Macroeconomics and Debt Management Using Advanced Microsoft ExceL
BMED2Public Domestic Debt Management and Bond Issuance
BMED3Managing Public Debt and its Implications for Financial Stability
BMED4Foundation Banking Supervision
BMED5Combating Money Laundering and other Financial Crimes
BMED6Implementation of Effective Risk Management and Good Corporate Governance
BMED7Advanced Banking Supervision and Financial Stability
BMED8Debt Negotiations and Legal Aspects of Debt Management
BMED9Debt Sustainability Analysis
BMED10Debt Restructuring and Risk Management.
BMED11Financial Management for Debt Managers & Administrators
BMED12Medium Term Debt Management Strategy
BMED13Debt Management Quantitative Analysis
BMED14Sukuk (Islamic Bond)
BMED15Business, Credit Appraisal and Entrepreneurship Development
BMED16Credit control & debt management
BMED17Development Strategies for SMEs
BMED18Commonwealth Meridian Debt Management Software
BMED19Loan Analysis
BMED20Financial Analysis
BMED21Currency Design Planning, Production & Distribution Management
BMED22Treasury Management
BMED23The Treasury Function &Treasury Single Account (TSA)
BMED24Examiner- complaints handling
BMED25Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Assurance
BMED26ISO 22301- Business Continuity Management Systems
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