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Records and Information Management (REC)

Employees by their nature of work are involved in management of records. Whether for their departments or for their projects, this is a critical task that requires staffs to be well equipped with basic knowledge and skills on how to organize, classify, store and secure these records to achieve desired efficiency, effectiveness and economy. This course aims at equipping with essential skills in effective records, archiving and information management. Participants will also benefit from learning the new trends and software’s in knowledge management.

Course CodeCourse NameImageEnroll
REC1Records and Data Management (Computerized Systems)Course Details
REC2Computerized Management of Institutional RecordsCourse Details
REC3Automation of Records and Information systemsCourse Details
REC4Library and Information OrganizationCourse Details
REC5Managing Information RegistryCourse Details
REC6Records Management and ArchivesCourse Details
REC7Records Digitization and Archives ManagementCourse Details
REC8Electronic Records Planning ManagementCourse Details
REC9Data Management & Digitization of ArchivesCourse Details
REC10Information ManagementCourse Details
REC11Managing Libraries and Documentation centersCourse Details
REC12Records Digitization and Archives ManagementCourse Details
REC13Archival Management and DocumentationCourse Details
REC14Managing Libraries and Documentation CentersCourse Details
REC15Integrated management system in recordsCourse Details
REC16Knowledge ManagementCourse Details
REC17Data protection and privacyCourse Details
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