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Data Management and Analysis

Data Management & Analysis (DM) Training

This will be a comprehensive, Advanced and practical training course for finance staff, departmental heads and other staff whose roles necessitate periodic reports or otherwise and whose functionality imperatively revolves around use of Excel Spreadsheets. The course aims to impart skills that will among other things lead to objective reporting and improved use of excel spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel has countless business value adding features and the expert trainers will aim to select the most powerful and business relevant tools and cover these while ensuring the practical sessions enable learners to emerge from the training more empowered.


Course CodeCourse NameEnrol
DM1Data Management and Analysis using Advanced Excel for Project Managers and OfficersCourse Details
DM2Data Management and Analysis using Advanced Excel for Data Capturing OfficersCourse Details
DM3Data Management and Analysis using SPSSCourse Details
DM4Quantitative Data Management and Analysis using NVIVO for Project Managers and OfficersCourse Details
DM5Data Management and Analysis using STATACourse Details
DM6Data Management and Analysis using SPSS, STATACourse Details
DM7Data Analysis using RCourse Details
DM8Statistical Analysis for Planners, Budget Officers and EconomistsCourse Details
DM9Effective Research DesignCourse Details
DM10Scientific Writing and PublishingCourse Details
DM11Statistical Methods and Computer Applications for Data AnalysisCourse Details
DM12Data Analysis Concepts, Tools and Techniques using E-View, RCourse Details
DM13Data Collection, Analysis and reporting in Development Projects and ProgramsCourse Details
DM14Research methodology, Data collection, analysis & visualizationCourse Details
DM15Research Methods-Quantitative & Qualitative Data AnalysisCourse Details
DM16Seismic Data processingCourse Details
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