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Human Resources & Organisational Development (HR)

This course takes delegates through human resource development (HRD), a field of study and practice that an organization can draw upon for improving its effectiveness at an individual level, group and process level and organizational systems level. This course also covers organization development (OD), a process designed to improve the effectiveness of an organization by incorporating individual, group and system level requirements. HRD and OD consider how the wider contextual environment impacts on the organization’s need to manage change effectively. Combining the foundational theoretical disciplines and practical hands on skills, the course focuses on learning interventions for improving the performance and effectiveness of organizations.

Course CodeCourseEnrol
HR1Building Self Esteem and Assertiveness SkillsCourse Details
HR2Coaching and MentoringCourse Details
HR3Conducting Effective Performance ReviewsCourse Details
HR4Conquering the Fear of Speaking in PublicCourse Details
HR5Crisis ManagementCourse Details
HR6Gender Analysis and MainstreamingCourse Details
HR7Gender and advocacyCourse Details
HR8Good Governance and LeadershipCourse Details
HR9Disability Mainstreaming in Projects and OrganizationsCourse Details
HR10HR and the LawCourse Details
HR11HR Strategy FundamentalsCourse Details
HR12Human Resource Management and Organizational DevelopmentCourse Details
HR13Integrating Organizational & Individual Performance Management SystemsCourse Details
HR14Introductory Human Resources Management and Performance EvaluationCourse Details
HR15Knowledge ManagementCourse Details
HR16Labor Relations in the Public SectorCourse Details
HR17Leadership Skills for Supervisors - CommunicationCourse Details
HR18Performance Appraisal Techniques for PasCourse Details
HR19Performance Based Human Resources ManagementCourse Details
HR20Performance Evaluation and ManagementCourse Details
HR21Institutional Re-Engineering & Change ManagementCourse Details
HR22Results Based Performance ManagementCourse Details
HR23Staff Performance, Appraisal and Evaluation TechniqueCourse Details
HR24Effective Customer Service / Customer Experience TrainingCourse Details
HR25Human Resource Management Information SystemCourse Details
HR26Integrating Organizational & Individual Performance Management SystemsCourse Details
HR27Total Reward ManagemenCourse Details
HR28Managing HIV/AIDS at WorkplaceCourse Details
HR29Payroll Design and ManagementCourse Details
HR30Pre-Retirement Planning & PreparednessCourse Details
HR31Unconscious Bias TrainingCourse Details
HR32Recruitment Training for Line ManagersCourse Details
HR33Whistleblowing TrainingCourse Details
HR34Supervisory Skills DevelopmentCourse Details
HR35Macroeconomic Policy Analysis and Effective Research Design for EconomistsCourse Details
HR36Supportive Supervision Mentorship and CoachingCourse Details
HR37Training of Facilitators (TOF)Course Details
HR38Facilitation and Communication SkillsCourse Details
HR39Communication, Coaching and Conflict ResolutionCourse Details
HR40Workplace Mediation and Conflict ManagementCourse Details
HR41Conflict Analysis & Conflict SensitivityCourse Details
HR42Human Resource Information Systems (Computerized HR)Course Details
HR43Quality Assurance/Quality ImprovementCourse Details
HR44ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Implementation & DocumentationCourse Details
HR45The Digitization of Human Resource ManagementCourse Details
HR46Strategic Human Resources Planning (HRP)Course Details
HR47Human Resource Metrics and AnalyticsCourse Details
HR48Succession Planning and Implementation StrategyCourse Details
HR49HR Appraisal and Reward Policy DevelopmentCourse Details
HR50The Digitization of Human Resource ManagementCourse Details
HR51Six SigmaCourse Details
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