Building/Developing Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure  Training.

Course Preamble
In the current global context of rapid urbanization, population growth, climate change and biodiversity
degradation, developing sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects is one of the most urgent challenges.
Because Infrastructure lasts so long the kind of infrastructure, we build today matters well into the future. That
means, our infrastructure choices today influence the quality of the life of our children and their children. In
the forthcoming 15-20 years, we are going to build about 1.5 times the infrastructure that already exists today.
We have to make sure that our decisions and investments are made wisely.

This course provides knowledge, builds expertise and provides tools on the planning, financing, procurement,
contracting and implementation of sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects. Drawing on the most recent
developments in the area of social and environmental science as well as the expertise of practitioners this course
will help you to understand what constitutes sustainable and resilient Infrastructure, motivates you to want more
of it and teaches you how to achieve it so that more sustainable and resilient infrastructure will be built in future.