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Finance & Financial Management, Grants & Auditing for Donor Funded Projects.

Why is financial management so important for an institution?

Most institutions do not consider financial management a priority for themselves. Therefore, it is often the case that many of them entirely lack systems of financial planning and monitoring, which has a very adverse impact on their viability. To achieve sustainable development in the tough actuality of today institution managers should develop understanding and confidence that are necessary to use funds effectively.

Course CodeCourse NameEnrol
FM 1Advanced Accounting and Auditing for Public Sector OrganizationsCourse Details
FM 2International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)Course Details
FM 3International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)Course Details
FM 4Debt Recovery & Credit ControlCourse Details
FM 5Asset, Liability & Facility ManagementCourse Details
FM 6Budgetary Control in Project Control ManagementCourse Details
FM 7Budgetary Control in Project Control ManagementCourse Details
FM 8Budgeting and Budgetary ControlCourse Details
FM9Budgeting and ForecastingCourse Details
FM 10Project Financial and Budgetary Management TrainingCourse Details
FM 11Computer Applications in Accounting Auditing and Financial ManagementCourse Details
FM 12Computerized Public Sector Financial ManagementCourse Details
FM 13Evaluating Financial PerformanceCourse Details
FM 14Finance and Budgeting for Non-Finance ManagersCourse Details
FM 15Financial AnalysisCourse Details
FM 16Financial Management and Auditing of Donor-funded ProjectsCourse Details
FM 17Financial Management and Budgetary controlCourse Details
FM 18Financial Management for ManagersCourse Details
FM 19Finance for Non-FinanceCourse Details
FM 20Financial Management & Grants Management for NGOsCourse Details
FM 21Financial Planning & ForecastingCourse Details
FM 22Financial Risk ManagementCourse Details
FM 23Fixed Asset Management and Project AccountingCourse Details
FM 24Advanced Internal and External Auditing SkillsCourse Details
FM 25Managing the Internal Audit FunctionCourse Details
FM 26Modern Accounting Techniques for Accountants and AuditorsCourse Details
FM 27Public Sector Financial Management and ControlCourse Details
FM 28Revenue Collection Management & Auditing for Public Sector OrganisationsCourse Details
FM 29Strategic Financial ManagementCourse Details
FM30Auditing of computerized Accounting SystemsCourse Details
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