What are the inspection & sampling technique training objectives?

The main objective of this course is to provide guidance and insight on inspection techniques and acceptance sampling plans/quality tools and their benefits.

Training Outcomes.

By the end of this training, delegates will have hands-on skills and better conceptualise the following;

  • Recognize the terminology of quality assurance, quality control and inspection
  • Statistics relevant to inspection by attributes and variables
  • Sampling inspection system terminology including; acceptance quality limit (AQL), inspection levels, attributes, variables, probability of acceptance, operating characteristic (OC), random sampling
  • Approaches to determining the acceptance quality limit (AQL)
  • Identifying the appropriate inspection level and sample sizes in the sampling tables
  • Appropriate sampling plans for inspection by attributes and variables.
  • How the tables are used to decide on acceptance or rejection of a lot
  • How to correctly use the switching rules for optimum effectiveness
  • Apply the attribute sampling plan based on ISO 2859-1
  • Apply the variable sampling plan based on ISO 3951-1
  • Recognize the application of single, double, and multiple sampling plans
  • Identify the sampling plans for single specification and double specification
  • Detect the sampling plans using numerical and graphical methods
  • Comprehend switching rule


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