Project Management for PAs, Secretaries and Administrators.

Course: Project Management for PAs, Secretaries and Administrators.
Broad Objective
Practical Project Management aims to give the Executive PA, PA, Office Manager, Senior Secretary or Project
Assistant the knowledge required to work effectively within a project team and/or manage their own projects.
Training Benefits
Delegates will gain a clear understanding of how best to maximize the numerous transferable skills from their
careers as PAs, EAs or Office Managers. This will increase the confidence base of the delegates, in order to
successfully work efficiently in Projects.
A mix of soft skills and technical project skills will be gained in order to enable delegates to work effectively in
a Project environment. The course is highly practical and focuses on how to work in a real world situation, which
is a stark contrast to other Project courses that focus on terminologies and models primarily.
Course Outcomes
 A clear understanding of the key transferrable skills of an EA, PA or Office Manager
 Advice of how to redesign your CV to meet Project requirements from EA, PA and Office Manager profiles
 An overview of the key skills (technical and soft skills) needed to move into Projects Learn the
project terminologies
 An overview of key Project Management Models (including the Project Lifecycle, PRINCE 2, 7S Model, 6C
Model and more).
 A good understanding of pressures and constraints that impact Project Management and how to cope with these
aspects of the industry.
 The importance of planning control and the use of appropriate soft skills will be demonstrated throughout the
 A good understanding of methods of planning Practical exercises on planning and feasibility analyses.
 The mix of technical skills, project specific knowledge and people skills training will leave participants far more
confident and job ready in the future
Classroom format workshop, with a high level of interactive and practical exercises to create confidence when
applying in the workplace.
Main Modules
 An overview of key project management models and their associated terminologies What is Project
 The Project Lifecycle model
 Planning a project and the associated models
 The optimal mix of soft skills required by a Project Manager Skills and experience of a good PM
 The Project Team
 Why is the skillset of an Executive PA and Office Manager ideal for Project Management Managing time
and resources constraints
 Case studies of real-life project situation and how to deal with them. An overview of PRINCE2
 An overview of Project Management IT software Closing off and Post completion audit Controlling and
Executing a Project
 Defining and researching the project; SWOT, Cost Benefit Analysis and Objectives
 Using Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis and other methods to present project progress, monitor and control.
 In depth review of Project Lifecycle Risk Management
 Project constraints
Target Audience
 Practical Project Management for PAs, is aimed at Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Office
Managers and Project Assistants who already, or in the future, will be involved in planning and organizing
 Executive secretaries
 Public Relations Officers Junior secretaries
 Personal assistant and private secretaries’ Administrative assistant
Training Evaluation
Participants will undertake a simple assessment before the training to gauge skills and knowledge another
assessment will be done after the training in-order to monitor knowledge gained through the training

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