Project Performance Evaluation & Management

Course: Project Performance Evaluation & Management
Course Overview.
The purpose of this course is to equip/impart delegates with knowledge and skills to enable them to develop
and apply practical methods, tools and approaches for measuring the performance of project and better
Course Objectives
Program Managers and officers attending the M&E workshop will get hands on skills in the following areas;
✓ Project Initiation, Planning, Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation
✓ Designing M&E Plan Developing M&E systems
✓ Monitoring tools, methods and procedures
✓ The benefit of applying value-driven Project Management techniques
✓ How to identify relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI) & establish additional metrics to measure
the increasingly complex nature of modern projects
✓ Performance tracking / monitoring and evaluation Monitoring & Evaluation specialized M&E System
✓ How to measure, forecast, present status, and control project performance by employing earned value
✓ Applications of MIS Management information system tools Information access and governmental
transparency Application of MIS in developmental evaluation
✓ Application of Geographical Information System (GIS) in projects
✓ Data collection and analysis
✓ Use of project management information software Actual project Evaluation
✓ Engaging in project consultancies,
✓ (Baseline, Mid- term, Summative and Ex-post evaluations.)
✓ How to monitor compliance and audit the function
✓ How to compose effective dashboards and scorecards to report project performance

Learning Content
✓ The Fundamentals of Project Management
✓ The Importance of Understanding Project Context and Environment
✓ Defining Project Scope
✓ Establishing Project Commercial Viability
✓ Create a Work Breakdown Structure.
✓ Identify Task Types & Relationships.
✓ Define Resources within Project.
✓ Make Work Package Estimates.
✓ Create an Initial Schedule.
✓ Controlling Project Handover to Operations
✓ Build and use summary and subordinate tasks.
✓ Understand and use milestones.
✓ Develop WBS Outlines.
✓ Assign completion criteria.
✓ Evaluate the WBS.
✓ Understand and use WBS templates.
✓ Demonstrate understanding of key terminologies in Monitoring and Evaluation
✓ Explain the role of M&E in institutional management
✓ Integrate M&E in the project management
✓ Develop and implement key components of an M&E system
✓ Develop and implement performance plans
✓ Apply cost management approaches
✓ Use project management information software
✓ Communicate M&E results effectively
✓ Identify and use appropriate data collection methods and tools effectively
✓ Use selected software to analyze M&E data
✓ Communicate M & E results effectively
✓ Setting up Project Control Systems
✓ Selecting Appropriate Key Performance Indicators
✓ Monitoring Performance through Earned Value Management
✓ Project Progress Measurement and Analysis
Way forward After the Training
Participants will develop a work plan through the help of facilitators that stipulates application of skills
acquired in improving their organizations. ASPM will monitor implementation progress after the training.
Training Evaluation:
Participants will undertake a simple assessment before the training to gauge knowledge and skills and another
assessment will be done after the training in-order to demonstrate knowledge gained through the training.

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