Economic Management and Development Policy

The courses on Economic Management and Development Policy convey an understanding of the purposes and roles of budgeting in organization and examines the major trends and the political, economic, and financial considerations involved in budgeting. The course examines the various theories, practices, challenges, and reforms of budgeting and financial management in the public sector & governments. Delegates will learn what public budgeting and its related theories are; how budgets are formulated; the roles of politics, economics, and management in public budgeting; how public resources should be allocated efficiently; the impact of globalization on the governance capacity of governments; what globalization means for budgeting; and the feasibility of recent public sector reform initiatives. The course will also cover elements of economic and strategic planning: Conducting Strategic Analysis; Developing Strategic Direction and Implementing Strategic options. It covers topics such as: What is Strategy? What is Economic Planning? The Planning Process, Forecasting, Strategy Formulation, Planning and Budgeting, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Execution. The course will be delivered through a combination of practical coursework and classroom lectures.