Project management has become an organizational-wide core competency, nearly every project implementation staff/Team (PIT) regardless of discipline is involved in managing one or more projects. This training is designed to provide project staffs with knowledge and skills that cut across all types of projects. Advanced Financial Management, Grants & Auditing for Donor Funded ProjectsMost NGO do not consider financial management, budgeting & grants management a priority for them. Therefore, it is often the case that many of them entirely lack systems of financial planning and monitoring, which has a very adverse impact on their viability. To achieve sustainable development in the tough actuality of today NGO managers and officers should develop understanding and confidence that are necessary to use funds effectively.

Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Projects have stringent guidelines for procurement which must be adhered to by the beneficiaries to avoid conflicting with the donors. This course aims at equipping delegates with the international standards for managing Donor funded projects. The development and implementation of carefully crafted strategies for the acquisition of all materials, goods, equipment, and services have become a critical issue in all organizations wishing to reduce operating cost while improving quality and productivity. This training seminar explores key concepts forming the basis of procurement supply chain management and moves through leading-edge issues that confront organizations today.