Project Performance Evaluation & Management Course

Course Overview.
The purpose of this course is to equip/impart delegates with knowledge and skills to enable them to develop and apply practical methods, tools and approaches for measuring the performance of project and better manage.
Course Objectives
Program Managers and officers attending the M&E workshop will get hands on skills in the following areas;
✓ Project Initiation, Planning, Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation
✓ Designing M&E Plan Developing M&E systems
✓ Monitoring tools, methods and procedures
✓ The benefit of applying value-driven Project Management techniques
✓ How to identify relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI) & establish additional metrics to measure
the increasingly complex nature of modern projects
✓ Performance tracking / monitoring and evaluation Monitoring & Evaluation specialized M&E System
✓ How to measure, forecast, present status, and control project performance by employing earned value