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Financial Statements and Reporting Training

June 3 @ 8:00 am - June 14 @ 5:00 pm EAT

Financial Statements and Reporting Course.
Measure – Manage – Improve!
Financial statements are designed to provide key organizational stakeholders with vital information about the
financial performance and financial position of an organization; understanding their structure and meaning is the
starting point for assessing the organizations ability. But beyond this the tools of financial statements analysis are
needed to unlock the real drivers of financial strength, performance and to measure, manage and improve the creation
of value for shareholders and other key organizational stakeholders. This Advanced Financial Statements Analysis
training course focuses on the core principles and practical skills and tools essential for the effective analysis,
management and improvement of organizational financial performance and strength.
Course Delivery Methodology
The following techniques will be used to deliver the training
✓ Plenary presentation and discussion
✓ Case Studies
✓ Demonstration sessions
✓ Visual Aids including PPT slides and templates
✓ Field/Site visits
Training Modules
Introduction to Financial Statements
✓ Balance Sheet
✓ Profit and Loss
✓ Cash Flow Statement
✓ Changes in Equity
✓ Accounting Policies and Notes
✓ The relationship among the Financial Statements
✓ Annual Report
Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
✓ Horizontal Analysis
✓ Vertical Analysis
✓ Liquidity Analysis
✓ Solvency Analysis
✓ Profitability Analysis
✓ Asset Management
Analysis of Balance Sheet
✓ Fixed Assets Analysis
✓ Inventory Analysis
✓ Receivable Analysis
✓ Payable Analysis
✓ Debt Structure Analysis
✓ Equity Analysis
Analysis of Profit and Loss
✓ Analysis of Revenue
✓ Analysis of Cost of Goods sold
✓ Profitability measures
✓ Dupont Analysis
✓ Expenses Analysis
Analysis of Cash Flow
✓ Analysis of Cash Flows from Operating Activities
✓ Analysis of Cash Flow from Investing Activities
✓ Analysis of Cash Flow from Financing Activities
Analysis of the Annual Report
✓ Analysis of the Notes to Financial Statement
✓ Analysis of Accounting Policies
✓ Compliance with the Accounting Standards
✓ Compliance with the Regulations
✓ Analysis of Management Commentary
Predicting the Future
✓ Revenue Forecasting
✓ Forecasting cost of goods sold
✓ Forecasting fixed and variable costs
✓ Forecasting balance sheet accounts
✓ Forecasting cash flows
Analysis of the Financial Statements using Spread Sheets
✓ Financial Statement Proportional Analysis
✓ Automated Ratio Result Analysis
✓ Trend Analysis
✓ Leverage Analysis
✓ Cash Flow Analysis
✓ Investment Analysis
Way forward After the Training
Participants will develop a work plan through the help of facilitators that stipulates application of skills acquired in
improving their organizations. ASPM will monitor implementation progress after the training
Training Evaluation:
Participants will undertake a simple need assessment before the training to identify the knowledge gaps and
also after the training so as to monitor knowledge and skills gained through the training.


June 3 @ 8:00 am - June 14 @ 5:00 pm
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